Can Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs [Complete Guide]

Can Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs [Complete Guide]

The answer is yes! Hairdryer generates such heat that can be directed to kill the bugs. I might be very straightforward, but it seems like the odd question that many of us might have asked or heard several times. It is a fact that heat is very effective in killing bed bugs, and this leads everyone to look around their home to see which heating device could help in getting rid of bed bugs. If you are thinking the same, then bravo! Go and pick up your hairdryer and move on for the war against bed bugs. But here are some precautionary measures that you should keep before jumping into the war. 

Significant Considerations to Use Hair Dryer to Kill Bed Bugs

Here are some vital considerations that you should keep in mind before killing bed bugs using a hairdryer. 

Optimal Temperature

The optimal temperature to kill bed bugs is around 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. This desired temperature can be maintained for an extended time to ensure that all bugs are eliminated, even the one on the floor, walls, on the mattress, and others which are hiding in some electronic equipment that you usually do not consider. Pest control professionals use specialized heaters to raise the temperature of the infested area and increase the strength to remove all the bugs hiding anywhere in your house. 

Bugs are the most sneaky creature that can be found in any not so obvious place, but they are most likely to happen near-bed because it is closer to the blood they need to feed on. 

Other Electric Heat Products to NOT use for killing Bed Bugs

We have summed up a list of a few common household items that should NOT be used for killing bed bugs are 

  • Microwave oven 
  • Grills 
  • Space heaters 

It might seem to be hilarious for you, but believe me, people have attempted to use them to get rid of bed bugs and end up on having injuries or set their homes on fire. 

When does Hair Dryer fail to Kill all the Bed Bugs?

Here are some situations when your dryer fails to kill all the bed bugs, and you can’t understand the reason behind it. So here are some reasons why your hairdryer fails to kill all the bed bugs. 

Loss of Heat in the inner Chamber of the Dryer 

If the inner section of your dryer has leakage, then you may have heat loss within the chamber, and this will require replacement as soon as possible because if you do not do so, you might lose your dryer forever. 

Too much Feed 

If you are cleaning your bed bugs on and off with your dryer, then its time to clean your dryer as well. This is due to the incomplete heating of the clothes in the dryer, leaving some sections as hideouts for bedbugs. 

Use a Low Power Rated Dryer 

A low rated dryer does not produce enough heat that could kill bed bugs. You have to check the maximum temperature that your dryer can achieve before expecting from it to kill the bed bugs. 

Faulty Heating products 

Sometimes you might be using the wrong products or using the right product in the wrong way to kill bed bugs. Some of them are 

  • Use wrong connections 
  • Being clogged by clothes moisture 
  • short-circuiting

Less operation time 

If you want to kill bed bugs efficiently and effectively, then keep drying your bed for 30-45 minutes. This time may vary slightly upwards, but there is no reason to decrease the time. 

Climate or Weather Change

If there is a change in temperature at your place, then room temperature will also get changed, and it would become a more challenging task for you to kill bed bugs. 

For colder areas, you need to use the highest temperature for killing bed bugs, and for warmer areas, you will keep your dryer at moderate temperature. 

Safest Way of Killing Bed Bugs

The safest way of killing bed bugs is to have a professional treatment performed. A pest control professional will inspect your home to identify the pest and evaluate the severity of the infestation and then decide how much heat is required to resolve the problem effectively and quickly. Once your home is ready for the treatment, the professional will use the latest heating technology to wipe bed bugs out in a single day. 


The dryers can kill bed bugs, but all you need to do is to maintain the temperature on 122-135 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30-45 minutes. Dryers also have some limitations that do not allow you to use them in various areas, as mentioned above. So you always keep some alternatives but do not use grills, microwaves, etc. as alternatives, as it is also mentioned above that it can be dead

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