Can Blow Drying Hair Cause Hair Loss

Can Blow Drying Hair Cause Hair Loss

If you are highly worried about your hair loss, then it’s time for you to part ways from artificial styling. It would be the best thing you would do to protect your hair and prevent hair loss. Because of the application of a gel, flat iron, or blow dryer, everything that pushes onto your hair can damage the strands. Moreover, a hairdryer is frequently used accessories, but it may not be entirely harmful. It is its use, which makes your hair damaged, and your hair starts falling. If you use a hair dryer off and on and keep it close to your head, then it will surely cause hair loss, but if you use the hairdryer after a week or two and place it away from your head, then it would be less damaging. Here we will elaborate it to you more clearly about can blow-drying hair causes hair loss. So here we go 😉 

Excessive Blow-Drying Cause Hair Loss- Myth or Fact?

You may hear a number of times that using a blow dryer or flat irons can cause hair damage or hair loss. What if I say this statement has no fact in it. Do you believe me? You have to 😉 because it’s just a myth that excessive use of blow-dryer can cause hair loss. It can cause hair drying because the use of dryer everyday vanishes the moisture from your scalp. But it is not involved in your hair loss. 

If you use the blow dryer off and on and keep it near your scalp, it is utterly damaging, but if you use it once in a blue moon and keep it away from your scalp, then you do not need to worry about it. Just keep calm and keep styling your hair. Oh! Yes! Don’t forget to find such ways that minimize the damage of the blow dryer more often. 

5 Common Habits You should Adopt to Prevent Hair Loss using the Blow-Dryer

You have learned that it is you using blow-dryer wrong and blaming it all the way. But here is the time to adopt a few habits to protect your hair and scalp from damage. These five steps will prevent or lessen the effect of blow-drying hair damage. 

Use Cooler Settings

Excessive heat can cause excessive damage to your scalp and hair that your hair might start falling, and you become bald. That was too rude? Oh! Sorry! But it’s the truth ;). So my ladies and gentlemen if you are in a hurry so take a shower before time and wait for your hair to dry naturally but if you want to use a blow-dryer to style your hair, then it is recommended to keep it in the coldest temperature so that your get styled not damaged. 

Keep Blow-Dryer away from your head

This is a widespread mistake that almost everyone does. It would help if you protected your roots and scalp at any cost. Point your blow-dryer more to the tips of your hair instead of pointing it towards the scalp or roots. If you keep blow-dryer near to your scalp, your hair gets dry, and natural moisture vanishes, which is an alarming fact. To avoid this situation, you need to keep your blow-dryer away from the roots and scalp. 

Do not dry one spot for too long

This is one of the quickest ways to remove moisture from your scalp. Drying one spot of the head for too long can be damaging as it can lead to burning scalp or hair, and it can leave permanent damage and scarring. So it would be best if you moved your blow-dryer around your head without concentrating on the single spot. 

Blow-dry less often

For protecting your hair from damaging, the best thing is to avoid blow-drying regularly. Use it once a week or month. Because there is no way to prevent your hair from damaging from these heat-styling tools. So whenever you can give them a break, it is recommended to do so. 

Use Heat Protectant Products

Heat-protectant products are mainly made for protecting your scalp and hair from heat-styling tools. They usually came in cream or the form of a spray, although these are not going to provide you complete protection, they can do a lot for your hair and scalp protection. All you need to do is to spray or spread the product on your head, and it will moisturize while keeping your hair and head protected. 


Here we have elaborated every thought that could come in your mind about hair damage due to blow-drying. As already told, if you use blow-dryer less, it would not cause any damage, and if you follow all these tips or you make them your daily routine habits, then you will see your hair will never get damaged. 

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