Top 4 Best Hair Dryers for Natural Hair in 2020

Well, choosing the best dryer for your hair is a mind-boggling task. If you have natural hair that has not yet been exposed to any chemical treatment, then you have to be more specific in your choice. As you don’t want to damage the natural texture of your hair with high heat dryers. So, here I am to save your time, as I have listed down the best hair dryer for natural hair. I have researched many hair dryers and listed them based on diverse factors such as motor power, heat, speed settings, comfort factor, heat protection technology, weight, and drying time, etc. 

I have also made sure that you are investing your money on the perfect blow dryer that matches your hair structure and style. With an ideal hair dryer, you can get a sleek, elegant and gorgeous look you have always dreamt of. So now all you have to do is to choose a hair dryer among a list of the best hair dryers for natural hair. So, let’s start

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer for Natural Hairs ( Editor Choice)


  • Motor: Smaller and lighter motor with less dry time
  • Weight: Dyson supersonic is ultra-lightweight.
  • Technology: Patent air multiplier technology and negative ion-producing technology
  • Comfort factor: Easy to use, Fastest, quietest and most hair-friendly dryer in existence and with no extreme heat.
  • Voice level: The dryer is Acoustically tuned.
  • Speed: Dyson has supersonic speed.
  • Drying time: The hairdryer has nearly half drying time than its rivals.
  •  Housing: Dyson has heat shield technology which keeps the attachments Cool to touch.
  • Heat protection sensor: The hairdryer has built-in heat protection sensor
  • Attachments: Magnetic attachments which include a Smoothing nozzle, concentrator and diffuser attachments
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty with a Price match promise
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer for natural hair

Dyson supersonic with its sleek, ergonomic design plus stylish body is the best dryer for your natural hair. One unique thing about Dyson is the reduced size of digital motor-fitted inside the handle of a hairdryer. With a compact body, Not just it is easy to use but also portable, you can fold it and put it in your bag and take this supersonic hair dryer anywhere you want. There are multiple settings in the supersonic hair dryer to make it noise-proof, a rubber mount between the motor and the handle will reduce vibration.

Furthermore, the motor impeller has 13 blades instead of 11, which pushed one tone within the motor to a sound frequency beyond the audible range for humans, although supersonic produce audible sound, no worries! Noise will not bother you.  

 Dyson hairdryer utilizes air multiplier technology that means hairdryer have multiple air multipliers in it. When air is drawn into the multiplier, it multiplies the air and makes it voluminous. Dyson supersonic hairdryer makes for a swift, powerful and targeted current that makes hairstyling fun task. Dyson supersonic has built-in heat sensor technology. The sensor measures the temperature of the air when it exceeds a specific limit. The dryer also stops the temperature from going any further, thus prevents any excessive damage heat can cause to your natural hair. Dyson hairdryer also maintains the lusciousness of hair. With the cutting edge technology that is supersonic and the hairdryer feels more balanced also, your arms are less likely to ache. Moreover, if you have long and unruly hair, then it is a dream come true.

The hairdryer comes with specific attachments to add flexibility in using the dryer. 

  • A wide-tooth comb attachment that helps to add volume to your hair as it dries and also lengthens hair and makes the shape.
  • Gentle air attachment is for beautiful hair and sensitive scalp. It diffuses the air, creates a soft and clear airflow that aids in faster styling.
  • Concentrator attachment provides a high-velocity blade of hair so the air is more focused and you can style a specific section of hair without disturbing the other.
  • Diffuser attachment provides even air dispersion around curls, fastening natural drying, aids in reducing frizz, define curls and waves. It has deep prongs that allow it to move deeper into your hair, giving perfect styling
  • The smoothing nozzle attachment helps in drying with smooth and controlled airflow and also helps in gaining smooth and natural finish

What I liked about this product

  • Dyson hairdryer has supersonic speed and drying time is cut in half.
  • Combined with air multiplier technology, Dyson hairdryer provides a high pressure, high-velocity jet of controlled air for fast drying.
  • The smoothing nozzle dries the hair and gives a finishing touch to your hair. 
  • The concentrator is efficient with some elegant styling.
  •  The diffuser is the largest attachment which is used for defining curls and de-frizzing
  • Dyson has heat shield technology which keeps the attachments dry even while you have raised the temperature.
  • The heat protection sensor prevents the hairdryer from providing excessive heat thus no heat damage can be caused to your hair and thus locks your natural look.
  • Dyson is lightweight and has a balanced body shape which makes it comfortable to handle.
  • The dryer has magnetic attachments that can be adjusted quickly and easily.
  • Dyson supersonic has an inaudible frequency so much less noisy than its rivals like CHI and Babyliss.
  • The healing dryer leaves your hair smoother and silkier and there is no need to attack the frizz with straightener afterward.

Major Concern

  • Dyson’s buttons are too small and so far from comfortable use sometimes it’s annoying to deal with them.
  • Although Dyson supersonic worth every ounce of money, they are demanding but still it’s a bit out of budget.

Final Verdict
Dyson supersonic offers four precise heat settings that are 212°F for fast drying and styling, 176°F for regular drying, 140°F for gentle drying and so whatever natural hair type you have Dyson supersonic will surely make them look gorgeous without excessive heat exposure. Although the dryer is a bit expensive, it is worth every ounce of money for the protection and drying it provides to your natural hair. So, I highly recommend Dyson supersonic for a frizz-free and elegant look.

2. Remington Pro Natural Hair Dryer - Ceramic Technology


  • Technology: Ceramic Pearl Technology with Ionic Conditioning.
  • Motor: Remington pro has 1875 Watts Max professional Power AC motor and voltage of125 VAC 60 Hz.
  • Heat settings: The dryer has three different heat settings. 
  • Speed settings: Remington pro features two different speed settings.
  •  Cool shot button: The advanced dryer is equipped with a cool shot button to set style.
  • Comfort factor: Remington pro gives 40 percent faster airflow and 3-time longer battery life
  • Filter: Filter is removable for easy cleaning.
  •  Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  •  Package: The package includes Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer, diffuser, concentrator, and manual.

Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology gives salon finish to your hair. The pro hairdryer has an 1875-watt professional motor which provides it with 40 percent more airflow that makes the hair drying process quite faster than usual. The 1875-watt engine gives a powerful airflow that activates the Pearl Ceramic Technology to dry hair fast with a lustrous finish. When crushed pearls of ceramic are infused into a ceramic barrel, they transfer micro-conditioners through the dryer for a smooth, beautiful look. The professional quality AC motor delivers salon styled performance and dry hair in minimum time.

Remington Pro Hair Dryer uses ceramic ionic technology; heated air activates pearl ceramic technology, which conveys micro conditioning to your hair, giving them a salon-style glow. Ceramic material is known to provide even heat distribution, and it also maintains constant heat temperature. So, when you are going to choose one of the three ceramic heat settings, the temperature will remain constant. Pearl Hair Dryer goes a step beyond ceramic technology, giving your ceramic— infused with crushed pearls. This patent-pending pearl ceramic also seals moisture in cuticles to give your hair a silky smooth and nourished look.

Remington Pro Hair Dryer consists of ceramic heating coils, which have many ceramic coils, and they are better than the traditional coils. Ceramic coils efficiently prevent heat damage from hot spots by providing them with even heat distribution all along the hair shafts. Ceramic heating coils are self-regulating, so they have that unique ability to sense surrounding temperatures on the hair surface and adjust it accordingly. This is important to prevent damage from overheating. Ceramic professional hair dryers also produce both positive and negative ions which can help reduce static. The hairdryer is also equipped with ionic technology, and the Ionic dryers work by emitting negative ions during the blow drying which have been found to enhance the finished look. Finally, the ionic generator efficiently works by bathing your hair in positive ions, a technique that makes your hair even softer and more touchable.

The three heat settings and one-speed settings provide you with a variety of options so you can adjust the hair flow that is suitable for your hair. And with the cool shot, you can lock the style. 

Both concentrator and diffuser can help you make a lot of hairstyles. Concentrator effectively makes perfect curls and diffuser is more perfected in making salon-style curls. A concentrator takes the air coming out of the dryer and directs it towards a small opening that is much tighter than the mouth of the blower. What this does is create pressure and steam, so your hair straightens and relaxes. You can smooth your style with a brush and concentrator because air is directed exactly where you need it. Moisture in your hair is trapped in while the dampness is removed. With all these advanced features Remington pro hairdryer can be the best hair dryer for natural hair.


What I liked about this product

  • The 1875-watt professional motor is too efficient, and it provides airflow that is extraordinarily high and 40 percent higher than its rivals.
  • The motor in addition to being efficient, the motor is also three times more lasting and thus making the straightener more durable than others.
  • With the powerful airflow, drying and styling are faster and more elegant.
  • Remington Pro Hair Dryer has attachments tool that makes styling much more comfortable and more enjoyable.
  • This Remington Pro Hair Dryer is effective and suitable for any length and texture of hair.
  • The advanced ceramic grill is infused with real crushed pearl, which transfers micro conditioner to your hair and gives them a smooth and shiny look.
  • Remington Pro Hair Dryer is recommended for all hair types, especially for thick and curly hair.
  • With the help of concentrator and diffuser, styling is a lot easier.
  • Remington Pro Hair Dryer has a highly reasonable price.
  • A 2-year warranty backs Remington Pro Hair Dryer straightener.

Major Concern

  • The design is too heavy for those who spend considerable time in hair styling.
  • The design functions of heat and speed control are poor as there are so many accidental pushes and it’s so annoying
  • Remington Pro Hair Dryer is so sensitive that it can’t even maintain a 2-foot fall, so you have to be extra cautious.

Final Verdict
So, this Remington hair dryer with crushed pearl ceramic technology gives you a fast dry. You will get more glowing, nourished and moisturized hair. With three heat settings, you get greater flexibility to style your hair. So, based on the features mentioned above, this is the best dryer for your hair which provides minimum damage to your hair and preserves their natural glow. Furthermore, Remington pro is highly affordable, which is another plus point for its recommendation.

3. Babyliss Ceramic Xtreme Blow Hair Dryer


  • Weight: 1-pound, ultralight weight
  • Technology: Babyliss Ceramic Xtreme blow dryer uses ionic and ceramic porcelain technology, which can generate far-infrared heat 
  • Motor: 2000-Watt Professional AC motor for long life and power
  • Housing: Rubberized soft touch housing that is soft to touch. 
  • Attachment: concentrator nozzle. 
  • Filter: Removable filter 
  • Settings: 6 heat/speed settings
  • Cord: 9-foot professional cord and comes with a hanging ring narrow barrel to ensure maximum pressure.
  • Cold shot button 
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

The BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer has a 2000-watt professional AC motor and thin nozzle. The thin nozzle of BaByliss pro hairdryer gives a higher flow of air that is highly favourable for natural hair as the heat exposure time is reduced. BaByliss hairdryer is ultralight, i.e. only one pound, so you are not going to get tired drying your hair if they are naturally thick or coarse. You can get a comfortable and stronger grip as the exterior is housed with a rubber casing; thus, it is easy to use. With three-speed and heat settings, you get the greater versatility to style your hair in a way that is favourable to your natural hair.

As far as its performance is concerned, the ceramic provides negative ions to your hair, so the ceramic technology produces extra gentle, even far-infrared heat that protects hair from damage. With ionic technology, negative ions are generated that break down water molecules, so in addition to heat and airflow, you got one more thing to speed up the drying process. And the ceramic technology emits infrared heat that dries hair gently, and also infra-red waves provide added heat protection thus, minimizing the damage.

 BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer also comes with a concentrator attachment the concentrator directs and focuses the air output when you are styling to control frizz and style outcome. This attachment is used by stylists to get a straight or soft wavy look. Well, the right way to style your hair with the is to hold the concentrator closely to the hair, leaving a few inches in between. Use a rounded brush, pulling as tightly as reasonable to get the best results from the concentrator. With the 9-foot long cord, you can quickly move across the room while drying, and thus you are not bound to a particular place. BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer also has a hanging ring for secure storage. With a removable filter, you can clean the interior of your dryer from time to time. Removable filter smoothens the airflow and gives it a long-lasting life

What I liked about this product

  • BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer is super-fast with a 2000 and a narrow barrel it will blow your hair dry in no time.
  • With a 9-foot-long cord, BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer gives such excellent flexibility to move around while curling. So, you are not bound to a specific place.
  • BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer is the best dryer for natural hair as it gives a lustre to my hair.
  • The infrared technology repairs my damaged hair.
  • BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer does give any fly away and leave my hair silky, smooth and frizz-free.
  • The settings are high as there are hot, cold and medium for heat and high and low in case of speed settings, so you get a higher amount of flexibility to expose your hair to the temperature that suits you.
  • BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer also uses ionic technology to break down water molecules so assists in hair drying.
  • A cool shot button that goes from hot to cold in seconds you can lock your style with the cold flow of air.


Major Concern

  • One issue I had to face with BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer is due to high wattage it hot gets scorching if you keep it in one place for a long time and because of this, your hair may suffer a lot of damage.
  • Although to me its weight was not an issue, I have gone through a lot of reviews that because of the high wattage motor its weight is too much for long time use and you may get hand cramps.
  • And also, BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer is a bit noisy although I expected it because of the 20000-watt motor. Still, it’s irritating
  • After one time of use, BaBylissPro Ceramic Xtreme Dryer started giving an unpleasant smoke smell, but that was only sometimes when I used that highest heat setting for a long time

Final Verdict
This Bayliss pro ceramic extreme blow dryer is best for coarse and curly hair in high settings. Hairdryer also works well for thin and sensitive hair at low heat settings. While medium settings are best for your beautiful natural hair. So, one can say that this hairdryer can deal with all types of natural hair. So, this hair dryer with 2000-watt ac motor, a cool shot button, and concentrator attachment is what you want to lock the natural look of your hair.

4. Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer for Natural hair


  • Motor: AC professional HP/2,000 hours
  • Speed settings: Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer has 3-speed settings
  • Weight: the dryer is ultra-lightweight with a load of 17.5 oz
  • Heat settings: The dryer has three heat settings
  • Technology: Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer has ionic technology and ceramic technology
  • Dryer category: Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer is a compact dryer.
  • Hair type: The dryer is recommended for all hair types.
  • Cord: The dryer has a 9-foot-long cord
  • Cold shot button: It has a cool shot button to lock your style
  • Comfort factor: Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer saves drying and styling time up to 30%. It respects the hair integration frizz and great salon results
  • Attachment: Concentrator and diffuser attachment.
  • Warranty: it has a lifetime warranty.

The Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hair dryer has a compact body, and thus it is easy to handle and keep. The dryer has a comparatively small size with maximum features. Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer is also lightweight and has an ergonomic design that is made for advanced styling. Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer with a 2400-Watt Italian AC motor gives a powerful airflow that reduces drying time up to 30 percent. Cleaning the dryer is much easier with the direct grip easily removable filter. With the raised hemispheres, the hairdryer prevents accidental slips, thus providing an anti-slip system. And with lightweight, Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer would not weigh down your hand even after a long time of continuous use. With varied heat and speed settings, you can opt for that amount and intensity of heat you want to expose your hair with. You can lock your elegant hairstyle for a more extended period with the push and hold cold button. Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer is formulated such that it gives a perfect level of airflow to reduce dry time up to 30 percent. In addition to fast-drying, it amazingly maintains quiet and balanced drying.

Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer comes with a “low emf” feature”. Hence, with the lower electromagnetic force, the hairdryer produces less radiation; thus, the dryer protects your hair and scalps. Elchim dryer minimizes damage to your natural hair, giving them a classier and more elegant look. 

 With Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer, one can achieve that perfectly hydrating salon level shine. So, what you get is hair that feels more beautiful, glowy and nourished. Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer has a wave magnetic protection specifically designed to eliminate static electricity for the smooth and frizz-free finish you’ve been dreaming of. If you have natural hair that you have not exposed to any chemical yet, so, your topmost priority should be minimum heat damage to your hair.

Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer is a dream come true as it provides a heat protection system that prevents overheating of hair cuticles. For heat protection, this hair dryer has far infrared technology to protect your natural hair from getting too hot, preserving your hair’s integrity and shine levels. The hairdryer comes with two concentrators attachments that give you some extra styling. One concentrator is specially designed for brushing your hair smoothly and another one for precise styling. Use both throughout your styling process and obtain flawless results. With the 9-foot-long cord, you get greater flexibility to move while drying. The most extraordinary feature of this product is that you got a lifetime warranty.

What I liked about this product

  • Well it is not the quietest hair dryer it hummed without any high-pitched whirring
  • Unfortunately, this dryer does not come with a diffuser which is useful for curly hair. So, if you have naturally curly hair, then you have to buy a diffuser, or you can opt for other recommendations.

Major Concern

  • Well it is not the quietest hair dryer it hummed without any high-pitched whirring
  • Unfortunately, this dryer does not come with a diffuser which is useful for curly hair. So, if you have naturally curly hair, then you have to buy a diffuser, or you can opt for other recommendations.

Final Verdict
The Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic hairdryer is one of the best hair dryers for natural hair in the market today and why not? It is backed by state of the art lightweight, efficient, balanced, ionic and ceramic technology. A dryer is equipped with a decent temperature both safe and effective for thin, curly and thick hair types. So, based on these features, I highly recommend it for whatever kind of hair you have.

Best Hair Dryer For Natural Hairs - FAQs

Why to chose hair dryer for Natural Hairs?

Here is a list of the best hair dryer for natural hair which I had listed after great results. All of these are highly suitable for your hair.

So now you can brag about the smoothness of your healthy natural hair. Because in addition to providing you with fast-drying, these hair dryers also minimize heat damage, leaving them with a nourished, moisturized and frizz-free look.

One more thing you can get from these hair dryers is that they straighten your hair within less time and less heat exposure. As the one with natural hair, you can significantly understand the importance of straightening. You may straighten because you don’t want to style your hair or you want your style with perfection.

Whatever reasons for you to straight hair dryers are a perfect tool for your hair to do so with minimal damage to your hair. Above mentioned hair dryers are the best options for you, but you have to use them correctly. Otherwise, you are responsible for the hazardous results. Adjusts the heat settings according to your hair texture and don’t use high temperatures on wet hair. So, use your devices correctly and have perfectly styled hair every day.