Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair ( Buying Guide - 2020)

Dyson Supersonic Curling Hairdryer
Dyson Supersonic Curling Hairdryer
T3 - Cura LUXE Hair Dryer for Coarse Hairs
dry bar buttercup blow dryer
Dry bar Buttercup Blow Dryer

Well, copious amounts of hair is something many of us desire, but one who has it knows that it is not an easy task to tame that mane. Your aching arms and limited time may curb your styling options drastically. And thick manes often make us guilty of tying them up in a ponytail for a whole season or running out of the house in a rush without having a complete dry. Don’t worry because efficient and fast hair dryer can solve all your problems. It can make the tiresome task of hair drying much less time consuming and damaging. And finding that perfect dryer is another hectic to do your job easy, I have curated a list of the best hair dryers for thick hair that will help you a lot in styling your thick hair as well as it will save most of your time. So read out the article to find the best hair dryer for your thick hair.

Our Top Picks of Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer ( Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hairs)

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Comfortable design: Dyson Supersonic is a comfortable and lightweight hair dryer that sparks innovation. The design is well balanced, and you won’t get cramps even after utilizing it for an extended period. You can take this Dyson Supersonic anywhere with you as the dryer has compact body formation.

A small sized motor is fitted in the handle that obviously doesn’t need much space. It also gives your dyson hairdryer a balanced design.

Patent air multiplier:
With a patent air multiplier when air is drawn into the multiplier it multiplies the air a lot more time and makes it voluminous. And approximately 2.4 cubic meters of air is drawn over your hair every minute. It makes for a fast, targeted and powerful air current so now you can aim for whatever bit of hair you want to dry.

Supersonic speed:
A feature that distinguishes Dyson Supersonic from others is its supersonic speed. It dries the hair in half the time it usually takes with another dryer. Also, the dryer utilizes higher speed rather than more heat to dry hair faster.
Heat protection sensor: Heat protection sensor that is equipped with a tiny microprocessor and a suite of small sensors, examine heat 20 times per second and modulate it. So that reduces the temperature whenever it gets too high thus, retains the lusciousness of your hair.

Heatshield technology:
Dyson Supersonic has a heat shield to keep the attachments dry even after closing styling. So, it prevents heat from burning your hand.

Acoustically tuned:
There are multiple settings in the supersonic hair dryer to make it noise-free. A rubber mount between motor and handle will reduce vibration. Plus, motor impeller has 13 blades instead of usual 11, so they can’t shift sound frequencies beyond audible range for humans. Instead of muffled roars that a normal hairdryer produces, you can get almost an indescribable whirring.

Cutting edge technology
: It has a cutting-edge technology that makes it feel more balanced, and you will get no cramps. Furthermore, if you have thick hair, then it is much easier to use.

Damage control:
Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is precisely engineered to protect your hair from extreme heat damage. With fast drying and controlled styling it helps to increase smoothness by 75%, increase shine up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways up to 61%.

There is a two-year warranty with this product.

all of its accessories are magnetic, so they are much affluent to set and remove.

  • Wide-tooth comb: It has a full tooth comb attachment that helps to add volume to your hair as it dries and also lengthens hair and makes a shape.
  •  Gentle air attachment: Gentle air attachment is for fine hair and sensitive scalp. It diffuses the air and creates a gentle and clear airflow and that dry fast and speed up the styling.
  • Concentrator attachment: Concentrator attachment provides high-velocity blade of hair so the air is more focused and you can style a specific section of hair without disturbing the other
  •  Diffuser attachment: diffuser attachment provides even air dispersion around curls, fastens natural dying, and aids in reducing frizz also defines curls and waves. It has deep prongs that allow it to move deeper into your hair and it is perfect for styling
  •  Smoothing nozzle: A smoothing nozzle attachment helps in drying with smooth and controlled airflow and also helps in gaining a smooth and natural finish

When it comes to drying your thick hair, the first thing you crave in a dryer is its drying speed obviously who want to spend eternity standing in a bathroom drying their thick hair. So, guys, a Dyson hairdryer with supersonic speed is a dream come true. It has won numerous awards for its ability to blow hair approximately six times faster comparatively. This revolutionary hair dryer has a design that is different from conventional hair dryers. With its handle mounted the motor and compact tube-like head, it sparks innovation. Well, it also cuts down on damage from heat styling. The Dyson supersonic hairdryer is easy to handle and lightweight. The patent air multiplier multiplies the air and makes it voluminous. The hairdryer is acoustically tuned with settings like rubber plates between motor and blade motor settings.

Moreover, an additional feature is that all of its attachments are entirely magnetic and cool to touch even after styling. The dryer body also remains cool due to the heat shield technology. The heat protection sensor minimizes damage by preventing the temperature from going beyond the bearable range of hair as it checks the temperature 20 times per second. Well, besides all these features, supersonic hair dryer keeps hair smooth and gives them a glowy look. So, you can get frizz-free and shiny hair six times faster.

Final Verdict
This Dyson Supersonic is a revolutionary hair dryer that is not like other conventional hair dryers you have used before. When it comes to beauty products Dyson Supersonic is on top of the list. It has varied heat settings, acoustically tuned, heat shield technology and heat sensor technology.



2. T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer ( Best hair dryer for thick Coarse Hair)

T3 - Cura LUXE Hair Dryer Digital Ionic Professional Blow Dryer

Comfortable and lightweight design: This hairdryer is light-weighted with 2.4 lb weight that is much lighter than the Dyson 4.7lb. The hairdryer design is also well balanced, that makes it easy to handle for long time use.

Ergonomic handle:
T3 Cura luxe hair dryer has an ergonomic slant handle with an angled design that helps alleviate the wrist strain, thus giving you a natural drying.

T3 Digital IonAir Technology:
The hair dryer consumes digital ion air heating technology that maintains an even temperature all the time. This technology also ionizes the airflow to provide frizz-free hair. So, we get digitally controlled heat that gives you faster drying and also maintains the texture and shine of your hair

I875 watt battery with long-lasting life to ensure reliable performance.

Unique fan:
T3 Cura luxe hair dryer comes with a single fan that is specifically designed to ensure that airflow from your hair in the parallel lines, with minimum disruptions. So it reduces the turbulence and controls airflow to some extent by providing laminar flow. Thus it gives frizz-free hair and also a single and tight air stream

Heat and speed settings
: This hairdryer offers five heat settings and 2 Speed Settings that allow you to customize your styling as per your hair type and texture.

Volume booster:
The volume booster setting injects some extra energy into your limp hair. So, it boosts the texture and volume of your hair, giving them a look as perfect as professional style.

Cool shot button:
This hairdryer is comprised of a cool shot button that locks in your style with a burst of cool air. And it gives a smooth, sleek and professional finish to your hair.

Auto pause sensor:
An auto pause sensor is another feature that is unique and makes T3 cura hair dryer more innovative. With auto-pause sensor, your hairdryer will intuitively pause the airflow as soon as you release the dryer handle while styling. You can say that this feature saves much of your Electricity

Pure stream cap:
T3 cura hair dryer has a pure stream cap or removable filter for ontime cleaning. So that your dryer performed well.

It has a 9-foot long professional cord that relaxes you from the restriction of staying in one place while drying.

Less noisy:
It has much quiet operations for luxurious drying experience without irritating sound.

Drying Concentrator:
T3 cura hair dryer has a drying concentrator attachment that dries hair evenly and quickly with a wide volume of air.

Well, the first thing that attracts me towards this dryer is its sleek, ergonomic design and retro-future style that makes it incredibly eye-catching. The design is gorgeous with its ergonomic handle, but still, it’s not as much compact like Dyson as it is of standard size. Well, despite the intoxicating design, I would say that it is more like a traditional hairdryer as compared to the features. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on the extra features.

 Thick hairdryer reviewers have paid their devotee to T3 cura luxe well all thanks to its style boosting features like volume-boosting and a cool shot button that inject volume to your limp hair and locks your style for a long time. Built-in digital ionic technology gives you smooth, silky results with all five heat settings. An auto pause sensor is just a thing that you might have missed in all your previous dryers. With it, you can take a mid-blow break, button-free.

A pure stream cap cleaning makes it much easier to clean your hair dryer from time to time; thus, you can optimize its results. cura is a combination of sophisticated technology and portability, which makes it a masterpiece. What else one can want after getting a salon-style finish without cramps

Final Verdict
The t3 cura luxe hair dryer is streets ahead of most of the conventional hairdryers. It gives you perfect salon-style finish in just the same price as other demands. It is almost on par with the Dyson supersonic hair dryer but still not that much revolutionary. So, if you are looking for a good hair dryer which gives your thick hair a quick-dry, salon-style finish along with some advanced features, then t3 cura luxe hair dryer is the best option for you in the price range of 100-200 dollars.



3.Dry bar Buttercup Blow Dryer ( Best Hair dryer for thick frizzy hair)

dry bar buttercup blow dryer

Ionic technology: Nano ionic technology is efficient in breaking the water molecules, which reduces the drying time. The dryer contains nanobeads, which are composed of 32 different minerals. These nanobeads are implanted in the heating coils, heat shields, and also into the nozzle of the dryer. These nanobeads emit negative ions and help in sealing moisture in the cuticle and smoothen the texture. It gives you frizz-free, shiny, hydrated and healthy-looking hair.

Ideal for everyday use:
As it locks moisture within the cuticle, keeping them from being brittle or weak. So it is highly suitable for everyday use.

Lightweight and compact design:
A dry bar buttercup hair dryer has 1.2 lb weight and is light enough to use. It provides an excellent grip to the person with strong hands and for the rest holding for a prolonged period can be quite tiring task. It has a compact design, and that is easy to carry, and with foldable body, it can be your travel partner.

Ultra-fast motor:
Dry bar hairdryer is undoubtedly a powerful device and is upgraded by a powerful motor. This hairdryer has an 1875 watt ultra-powerful hair dryer to get the job accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Wave heater:
With wave heater it encourages faster and even drying. And it also distributes heat evenly across your hair.

Heat and speed settings:
Dry bar hair dryer has three heat and two power settings for a fully customized drying. Furthermore, buttons are placed on the grip of the hairdryer, which is a convenient placement once you get used to it.

: A 2.7 metre cord would be a professional choice, and gives you more mobility. So you can perform multiple tasks while drying your hair. And also switch from one hand to another without pulling the cord.

Concentrators attachments:
Dry bar hair dryer comes with two unique concentrator attachments. One side has a standard edge while the other has a scalloped edge that is exceedingly helpful in even heat dispersion all across your hair. So with them, you can get customized airflow as per your hair type.

Wider nozzle:
Focus on a greater area to help hair dry faster. Great for longer or thicker hair.

Narrow nozzle:
Focus on smaller areas for extra intensity and precision styling. Great for bangs or fringes.

The temperature ranges from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an ideal temperature for thick hair and even higher than what Dyson or Cura offers.

Hair type: This product has different temperature settings. This heat range makes it flexible to use with all hair types.

Lock Cool shot button: One thing that I found unique about this product is that it has a lock cool shot button, not like a press and hold one as it is found in the conventional dryer. So, it provides a much easier and innovative way to lock your style.

Removable filter:
It has a removable filter, so you can give ontime cleaning to optimize your results.
Warranty: There is a two-year limited warranty for this product.

Well, this dry bar buttercup with cheerful colour and sleek modern design is the best thing that has ever happened to my perpetually thick curly hair. With moisture-locking capability of this dryer, my tresses have become visibly smoother and shinier. With multiple heat settings, I get a customized blowout. Also, this varied heat range makes it highly suitable for all hair types. With an ultra-powerful motor and ionic technology, your blowout time is 20 percent less than the other professionals.

Wave heater provides even heat distribution to, loch your hair. An innovative lock cool shot button and removable filters add a cherry on the top. Well, we are all fascinated by allure of upscale hair dryers but being in budget is one limitation that stops us from buying it. And this dry bar with maximum feature and highly affordable price is what you want for your thick hair.

Final Verdict
Drybar buttercup a well-designed hair dryer that leaves hair feeling fuller. But I have an issue with it’s much less speed that won’t work well on your hair if they are incredibly thick. Still, with it, you can get a luxe to blow out at your home without breaking the bank.



Final Thoughts about Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

Even if you are a beauty aficionado or not you might have heard the name of Dyson supersonic hairdryer, it is a highly coveted and the best selling hairdryer in the market. But that supersonic dryer does not come with a supersonic budget so all of you can’t afford it. But don’t worry, in that article I have mentioned two other dryers that provide features comparable to Dysons. All the hairdryer I have mentioned above give you a fast and comfortable drying. And if you have thick hair, then you can understand the importance of quick drying.

Things you should consider before buying a hair dryer for thick hair

Well, drying your hair in the rushy mornings is no less than running a marathon, and a quick-dry may fry your hair. And you know that faster dry isn’t worth damaged hair. So before buying a hairdryer, you have to keep in consideration a lot of facts to prevent any damage. So here I am with a whole list of things you need to know before buying a hairdryer if you don’t want to waste your money.


Wattage primarily determines power of the hairdryer. A higher wattage hair dryer winds more air and thus cuts down drying time without exposing your hair to too much heat. Experts recommend choosing a hair dryer that is of 18000 or more. A higher wattage dryer is specifically essential if you have incredibly thick hair for quick dry. Also, a high wattage motor is long-lasting and even a bit pricey too.

Speed Settings

Well, thick hair often requires high speed for a quick dry. So before buying a dryer for your thick hair, one thing you have to consider is that with how much speed it dries your hair. Also, if you want minimum damage to your hair, then a high-speed dryer can reduce heat exposure, thus, preventing damage.

Heat settings

An excellent choice of hair dryer is highly dependent upon how much temperature it can provide. As HAI beauty concepts recommend, for thick or coarse hair, you can use the temperature upto450 degrees Fahrenheit. This hair dryer must have multiple heat settings that vary from 2-4 so you can adjust the heat according to your hair type or style. Hot air will create your style along with drying hair, and cold air will help to lock the style and well as maintaining the natural look of your hair.


Well, different dryers consume different sorts of technology. Ceramic and tourmaline heating technologies are the most commonly used in hairdryers, they provide even heat distribution as well as retain the natural texture of your hair. Ceramic coils installed in the dryers moisturize the hair, and it also seals the cuticles. Tourmaline technology prevents frizz and humidity of hair and gives them a smooth and shiny look.

Cool shot button

A cool shot button locks the style for a long time. It is one of the standard features of modern dryers. And you can say it is also quite necessary.

Button’s position

One thing that I have learned after experiencing a lot of hair dryers is that button positions play an important role. By having thick hair, you have to spend more time drying your hair, and if the buttons are oddly designed, then there are more chances of accidental pushes until you’re used to it. So, choose a dryer that has the button positions that provides easy switching while drying.


Design of the hairdryer matters. One thing you have to be sure about is that it should have an ergonomic and sleek design. And if you are spending money to buy this, then the design should spark innovation. A good hairdryer is specially designed for a comfortable grip, and it also prevents you from hand cramps.


If you have thick hair and you’re going to style on an everyday basis, one thing you need in a hairdryer is light weightiness. A lightweight hair dryer with a high drying speed will cost a fortune, but it will add comfort to your styling. So opt for a lightweight dryer.


Well, one thing that all the top-quality hair dryer provides is that it comes with useful accessories. These attachments add versatility to your styling. A diffuser and concentrator attachments both work well for thick and coarse hair. Concentrator nozzle helps in drying small sections of hair and also tames frizz. Concentrators are of two sizes: One size has a flat plate with holes that concentrate airflow in specified parts, while the other size has a single nozzle. When drying the hair using a nozzle, this type will help in reducing frizz and flyaway.

Styling your hair while travelling can prove to be a difficult task. If you are a travel freak and want a dryer that is travel suitable than it should have the following qualities.

Dual voltage:
a dual voltage hair dryer saves you from an extra expense of buying a voltage adapter while travelling.
Compact and lightweight: travel-friendly dyers should be lightweight and compact, and sometimes you even have to compromise power for it. So fold your dryer and put it in your bag and have a comfortable travelling but remember one thing that if you have thick hair, then a compact dryer may take a long time to dry your hair

Long cord:
an extra-long cord is highly efficient at comfortable drying.

Technical support:
Even though which hair type you have, all we want a warranted hairdryer. A warranty matters a lot, especially for those who use their dryer daily. It shows the trust of the manufacturer in its product and its performance. Product warranty varies from 2 years to a lifetime.

Noise level:
A silent dryer somewhat seems imaginary. Before opting for a dryer, first, read the reviews about the noise level of the device. A quiet dryer can help you get a headache free drying, and it also helps in making your morning routines a bit more cheerful.

ALCI safety device:
ALCI safety device feature is a bit rare in the hair dryers nowadays. This safety feature ensures that your dryer is going to shut off as soon as it falls in a bathtub. Thus it prevents any mishap from happening.

So, these are the things you should keep in mind before buying a hairdryer. I am not saying that a good hair dryer should be costly, but if you want a dryer with maximum features and attachments, then you have to spend a cost. Trust me, most of them are worth it.