BESTOPE Professional Ceramic 2 In 1 Flat Iron for Hair
BESTOPE Professional Ceramic 2 In 1 Flat Iron for Hair
Turboion Rbb Croc classic straightener
Turboion Rbb Croc classic straightener
CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1 Flat Iron
CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1" Flat Iron

Styling your coarse hair is so time-consuming and exhausting that most of the time, you just hold your hair in a bun and carry on with your routine. And if you opt for a salon to save time and effort, then it will cost a fortune. So, the only choice left for you is to buy a good flat iron for your coarse hair. Well, here I am coming up with a list of the best flat irons which can give you salon-style, quick and efficient straightening at home. So achieving shiny, glowy, and dead straight hair at home is not as difficult as it was before. Also, all the products that I have mentioned in the list are tested, and are recommended as per their durability and highly advanced features, they will add a touch of excitement to your monotonous morning routines. so read out the list to find the best flat iron that suits your coarse hair.

1. Babyliss pro, nano titanium ultra-thin Straightening Iron

  • 5 inches long ultra-smooth titanium plate
  • Straight wide areas of hair with its thick plates
  • High heat conduction
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Spin dial settings with 50 heat options
  • Ryton housing for a safe touch
  • Ultra-lightweight uniquely designed for comfortable handling
  • 4-year warranty
Babyliss pro, nano titanium ultra-thin straightening iron

If you have coarse hair and you are tired of spending a lot of your precious time and money on salon then, Babyliss pro ultra-thin straightening with its elegant and sleek design is the best product you can have. Babyliss is coated with titanium which is super efficient in heat transfer. This flat iron basically heats up in no time. And with the titanium coated plates, BaByliss can be the best choice for coarse hair. In addition to a quick heat up it is also super efficient in styling, just a few passes are enough for your hair to have a glow like salon straight hair. Babyliss pro nano titanium has a uniquely designed Ryton case because of which outer case is easy to handle and there is no need for gloves. because of this Ryton case, you can even straighten your hair close to scalps without tension of burning your scalp’s skin. Babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron has 50 heat control options which is a feature that a lot of other flat irons I have used lack. Furthermore, this flat iron has a spin dial set up instead of a digital setup. In comparison to a digital set up, it is easy to set a manual setting because of an LCD.

What I liked about Babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron

The best thing about babyliss pro nano titanium is that it is trusted by salon’ so you can get salon-quality, hair styling at home.  Babyliss flat iron heats up in literally two seconds because of which it is time saving.

The flat iron prevents excessive heat damage as with little exposure to heat your hair is straight enough, which is something that is ideal for me. The spin dial has 50 heat setting options for different types of hair textures so, whatever your hair type is, you can adjust it accordingly. With a long cord and lightweight, Babyliss is way more comfortable to use while traveling.

Another amazing feature of this product is the quality of the curls I make through them. The curls are properly bong and stay all day long As I have coarse hair then heat turn up and heat turn down with a spin dial, which is much needed. This light-weighted straightener, which slides smoothly through your hair, is perfect for your coarse hair and worth all the money you spend on it. I highly recommend it if you want salon straightening at home. 

Major Concern

Babyliss pro flat iron doesn’t have an auto shut off feature so you have to shut it off yourself if you want to prevent any mishap.  The flat iron doesn’t have dual voltage so if you are fond of traveling then you are going to need a voltage adapter to use it in other countries.

2. HSI Professional Glider


  • Floating ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • 8 heat balance microprocessors for heat distribution
  • A wide heat range from as low a 140 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Worldwide use with a dual voltage of 110/120 V
  • Has a swivel cord which spins 360 degrees
  • 1 inch plate is wide enough for bangs
  • Package includes 1-year warranty
  • HSI style guide
  • Travel size argan oil for tress removal
HSI professional glider

HSI professional comes with both ceramic and tourmaline plates. Ceramic distributes heat evenly to your hair texture to give quick heat, while tourmaline provides moisture-locking ions that give a silky texture to your hair, making them less prone to frizz. These plates heal the hair even at extremely high temperatures. The flexible temperature options varying from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit is sooo good for you. As it gives you an option whether you want to heat your hair at extremely low heat or at high heat whatever, that is favorable to your hair. Because of the round tips, you can use it for curling as well. Also, the swivel cord can rotate 360 degrees so you can have a better grip while curling. HIS professional is the ultimate time-saver. With the quick heat up it saves much of your time that an ordinary flat iron waste with high heat up time. HIS professional has a varying voltage from 110 / 220 voltage making it feasible for worldwide use. So it’s also your travel partner. With an extremely long wire, you don’t have to care about the distance of socket from your mirror in a hotel room. Moreover, it is of a size 12 inches, which is a normal size, but it can still fit so perfectly and you can take it along in your travel bag. Well, an amazing feature that I found in HSI professional glider is that it can be used in case of wet hair without producing smoke. And last but not least with all these features it still has an economical price.

What I liked about this product

I have used plenty of flat irons before and my hair has gone through a lot of damage because of those hair damaging flat irons but the HSI professional glider instead of damaging my hair it nourished them and retained their texture. Due to ceramic and tourmaline floating plates in a few slips my hair is straight enough to carry.

HSI glider can be used for wet hair and this flat iron doesn’t even produce smoke when working on wet hair. With round slips and a 360-degree spin swivel cord, the flat iron provides comfortable straightening as well as curling.  Babyliss pro nano titanium features a worldwide dual voltage.

One of the best things about this flat iron is it’s extremely long wire so now I don’t have to worry about whether my hotel room socket and mirror are close enough or not while traveling. with the compact design, i can easily put HSI glider in my bag and carry it along while traveling and last but not least, you can get HSI professional glider featuring all these advancements at a highly affordable price.

Major Concern

This product doesn’t have an automatic on/off system so if you don’t have a habit of switching off flat iron when it is hot enough then it is not basically the best one for you.

3. CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1" Flat Iron


  • Ceramic coating infused with titanium
  • Varied temperature settings
  • Colour coded led display
  • Smooth slide
  • 40 seconds heat up 
  • Temperature ranges up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Dual voltage travel partner
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures
  • 2-year warranty
CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1 Flat Iron

CHI pro g2 flat iron has ceramic plates that are infused with titanium. The titanium infusion firstly makes the plates corrosion resistant and much stronger. Titanium infusion also enhances the durability of plates, and in some ways, it also gives a smooth shine to your hair. the flat iron provides varied temperature settings that make it suitable for all hair types, whether it is fine, coarse or in between. Although the features of CHI pro G2 are somewhat professional, still it is highly comfortable for individual use. CHI pro 2 glides smoothly through your hair, giving you perfectly straight hair without even pulling them. If we talk about how much damage our hair has to suffer then I would say that it is much less than that of other ceramic flat irons.    

On and off heat button is positioned inside the clamp so you don’t have to worry about accidentally pushes while curling your hair. With has a color-coded LED display you can easily check the temperature. And an instruction book that is included with the package provides all types of information related to flat iron functioning. All you have to know is which color suits your hair. blue colour is for fine and fragile hair, green for medium wavy and red for coarse and resistant hair. With the 40 second it saves much of your precious time. CHI pro g2 flat iron is travel friendly, the dual voltage feature saves you from an extra expenditure of buying a voltage adapter. This flat iron also has an auto shut off and on system so you don’t always have to strain your memory in remembering whether you have shut off your straightener while leaving or not.

CHI flat iron is bifunctional as it is also good for curling with inner power button so you can flip it easily and get perfectly curled hair. And with all these features it obviously worth the money

What I liked about this product

Titanium infusion with ceramic gives your hair a glossy healthy look. The titanium also enhances the durability of the flat iron. There are Comfortable settings that can be used at home although it has professional features 

Dual worldwide voltage and a compact body that makes it your travel partner. A colour coded LED display that aids in efficient temperature management. with varied heat settings this CHI flat iron is Suitable for all hair types and textures. The heat button is positioned inside the clamp and this arrangement hinders the accidental pushes.

There is only a 40 second heat up time that makes it a time saver with a one hour auto shut off feature the flat iron prevents any mishap from happening.

Major Concern

Although there are 2 starred reviews on amazon saying that warranty is not applicable for online purchases but fortunately I didn’t find any difficulty to have the need to return it back.

One problem which I had to face in this flat iron is that its heat goes back to the highest setting if you try to adjust it. Besides, these minor defects CHI Pro G2 is the best you can have.

4. Xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener


  • 2 inches wide Ceramic tourmaline plates  
  • Floating plates
  • Infrared element at the bottom of plates
  • Temperature ranges from 265-degree Fahrenheit from 444 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 8 foot long cord for free movement
  • 90 seconds heat up to high temperature
  • Dual voltage 
  • One hour auto shut on and off
  • LCD display with 10 different temperature settings
  • High consistent and even heat
  • 2 years warranty
Xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener

Having coarse hair demands some extra heat to tame them and that extra heat can damage their texture. Xtava professional infrared flat iron solves much of your damaging issues as this flat iron provides the optimum heat with minimum damage. The flat iron uses infrared heat that directly penetrates the inner shaft providing much less damage to the outer texture. In addition, Infrared heat is fast and it has a unique quality of locking style for a long time. Infrared heat also makes a notable difference as it has the ability to stimulate negative ions that draw oil from the shaft to the exterior so it provides better health to our hair. Furthermore, this infrared heat is equally suitable to natural hair, hair extensions, and synthetic hairs. The flat iron provides both low and high heat. So the technology also repairs in addition to perfect styling.

As far as the design is concerned, the xtava infrared straightener has 2 inches wide floating plates which are wide enough to take bigger sections of hair in one pass and reduce the styling time. With the floating plates you can easily flip strands and can get the grip far better than the stiff plates. Apart from these features xtava infrared flat iron is also travel friendly. With the dual worldwide voltage, you can take it on your vacations and other trips as it is feasible for use across the world and also an extra long cord that provides greater mobility in the hotel rooms.

What I liked about this product

The hair sectioning is going to be more elegant and less time consuming with 2 inches wide floating plates that can take larger strands of hair in one pass. Infrared heat heat provides faster styling as well as repair damaged hair. infrared heat also seals the cuticle. With the floating plates, it provides a better grip while styling.

Xtava infrared flat iron provides high, consistent and even heat which is best for coarse hair. The varied heat settings and damage free styling make xtava suitable for all hair types . Dual voltage feature and a compact body makes xtava infrared flat iron highly feasible for travel. 

Infrared heat conveys oils from interior portion to the surface so provides a glossy look to your hair. Based on all these features I highly recommend this product because with all these features its price is highly economical.

Major Concern

Infrared element plates are a little thick so you cannot style your hair close to roots as it may damage them.  While using sometimes outer casing can get too hot and may burn your hands, so you have to buy gloves to manage it as gloves are not included in the package.

5. BESTOPE Professional Ceramic 2 In 1 Flat Iron for Hair


  • Concealed 3D floating heating plate
  • 2 in one straightener and curler
  • Temperature ranging from 340 degree fahrenheit to 430 degrees fahrenheit
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Made with high technology metal ceramic heater
  • World wide voltage ranging from 100 to 240 volts
  • Comfortable grip
  • 98.4 inches 360 degree swivel cord
  • 15 seconds heat up
  • Round edges
  • Zero pullying
  • 6 months worry free guarantee
BESTOPE Professional Ceramic 2 In 1 Flat Iron for Hair

The bestope ceramic flat iron comes with metallic ceramic heater MCH which is multi purpose. It gives preservation, good thermal conductivity, optimum temperature. MCH also provides high temperature resistance which gives long life to the Bestope ceramic flat iron. Bestope professional flat iron has concealed plates which cannot be open like the conventional ones and thus prevents your hair from burning or pulling. The heating effect is also efficient enough to complete hairstyle quickly.

 Styling with the Bestope flat iron leaves your hair with a shiny look and negative ions of ceramic moisturize your hair. It’s shape, length and, size make it extremely comfortable for use as the Bestope flat iron has floating plates of 1 inches which provides much greater flexibility as floating plates make sectioning of hair much easier. The cord is 360 degrees swivel because of which tangles are not created, and with 98.4 inches long cord you can comfortably move in your room while styling.the flat iron has an LCD screen and push buttons for convenient temperature settings. Moreover, it has a digital temperature gauge on the sides so you see how the temperature of the cord is rising or falling. One prominent feature of this product is that it has a positive temperature coefficient which protects the circuit in case high electric stray surge is too large and the temperature is too high. there is also no burning smell while styling.

The bestope flat iron comes with a silicone safety heat sleeve that is for damage and dust protection. It also provides easy and convenient storage as you don’t have to wait for a long time for the straightener to cool down  also it is travel convenient. 

What I liked about this product

There is metallic ceramic heater MCH tourmaline technology which gives your hair a shiny look and moisturizes it. Plate design is so unique and comfortable as the plates are concealed so that you can straighten your hair without the tension of pulling and burning of hair. Plates are 3D floating ceramic plated also has springs beneath so straightening is going to be super convenient. 

Silicon safety heat sleeve has multiple benefits, it protects flat iron from damage and dust also, without any wait for the flat iron to cool down you can put it in your sleeve bag as Bestope is specially designed for it. The Bestope professional flat iron has a swivel cord of 98.4 inches because of which one can move easily across the room while straightening

Major Concern

If you have thick hair then you have to be patient as it will take a long time to straighten short sections of hair. Bestope professional is not recommended for wet hair. Sometimes it’s exterior is so hot that it can’t be used without gloves

6. ISA+Professional Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener


  • 1 inch wide and 4.5 inches long plates
  • Dual floating titanium plates
  • 5 years warranty
  • Digital lcd with a temperature range of 265 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit
  • For straightening flat ironing and curling
  • Digital flat iron with neon LCD display
  • Gives a silky texture to your hair
  • 30 seconds heat up
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • 8 feet long swivel cord
  • Universal voltage
ISA+Professional Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener

This ISA professional titanium flat iron has dual floating plates which gives extra comfort in handling your hair and with the use of dual plates sectioning of hair is much easier. The time wasted in sectioning is no more as with the 4.5 inches long plates it cover more hair in one pass and that is also extremely good for long hair. With 8-foot swivel cord you can easily rotate the flat iron while styling and the long swivel cord also makes your curling easy preventing tangling this is one of the things thick-haired people craved for. The titanium plates are extremely suitable for coarse hair as it gives a more even heat distribution with better heat supply that makes it easy to handle coarse hair. Titanium also increases the durability of the straightener and makes it less prone to scratches.

The round edges of  ISA+ professional flat iron provides easy curling as well. An extra feature is this cord is that it has an auto shut on and off feature so this straightener turn off after one hour of use so you don’t have to worry about the burning incidents

What I liked about this product

The ISA+ professional flat iron has Titanium plates that are specifically designed styling coarse hair. As the flat iron plates are  composed of titanium that makes it scratch resistant also increasing durability of the plates. There is  30 seconds heat up that is a super time saving feature

The flat iron is bifunctional in addition to fast and efficient straightening the round edges makes it comfortable for curling as well.If you have long and thick hair then the long and dual floating plates make sectioning and straightening your hair much easier which is also time saving. Titanium straighteners are usually more expensive but the ISA+ professional has a reasonable price with amazing results.

The additional feature of Auto shut off and on and dual voltage add cherry to the top. The ISA+ professional  flat iron has side protections that provides the water resistant feature to the flat iron, this adds to the life of the flat iron.  As flat iron comes with heat resistant gloves  these gloves gives the burn free styling. 

There is a 2 years limited warranty with this product. The temperature ranges from as low as 265 degrees fahrenheit to such a high temperature of 450 degrees fahrenheit with varied temperature setting. Temperature controls of the flat iron are much easier to use with a Digital LCD display. 

Major Concern

One problem that I faced with ISA professional flat iron is that my hair is pulled sometimes because they were caught between plates and casing. Each time I use it, there are 4-5 strands stuck in there. You might be able to prevent this by clipping up any hair that isn’t being targeted with the flat iron.

The sides sometimes become too hot that it may burn your hands and make it uncomfortable to handle but it comes with a set of gloves to solve this problem

7. Izutech Ktx 450 Titanium Digital Flat Iron, Black


  • Friction free material
  • Digital display with buttons for heat change from a low 250f-450f.
  • 4.2 ounces weight
  • 9ft long cord
  • 360 degrees swivel cord
  • 1 year warranty
  • Preserves moisture
  • Universal Voltage
  • Dual heat Sensor
Izutech Ktx 450 Titanium Digital Flat Iron, Black

This Izutech KTX 450 LT Pure Titanium Digital Flat Iron has titanium plates which give extra shine to your hair, the titanium plates are friction free so you don’t have to worry about hair pulling. The heat settings of the flat iron varies from 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s suitable for all hair types. the beep sound feature is so amazing there is a beep when flat iron is turned on then it beeps twice when the required temperature is reached this feature is so convenient that you don’t have to continuously check your straightener for temperature management. The look of the hair after straightening is so elegant and it even stays for a day long. Even straightening is so easy that you can get  shiny hairs in just a few passes. With a dual heat surfaces consistent heat from top to bottom is guaranteed and this feature is sooo rare, this straightener gives the perfect combination of heat plate surface dimension and negative ions which gives extraordinary shine on the hair cuticle. there clear surface on each strand of the plates. Plus, the well-sealed cuticles are guaranteed to bounce with integrated tension.

What I liked about this product

Izutech ktx platinium flat iron a perfect tool for smooth processing and keratin treatment of your coarse hair. You can get optimal results with only a few passes on each section of hair, thus saving you substantial time and the risk of damaging your hair

Izutech flat iron doesn’t dry your hair even when it gets super hot. Incredibly smooth plates makes my hair shiny and frizz free. The flat iron  with the advanced technology locks your style for a as long as 3 days.  There is no need of continuously checking the temperature with the beep system. There is a beep once when you turn it on, beeps twice when it’s heated to the required temperature. It takes less than 30 seconds to reach it to the optimal preset styling temperature

You can take the izutech flat iron along while traveling  firstly because of the lightweight it is easy to carry and secondly the worldwide universal voltage with which you can use in other countries without the need of a voltage adapter.

Major Concern

It doesn’t have an auto shut off so you have to remember to shut off if you want to avoid any mishap.


  • 1.5-inch titanium plates with ceramic heater
  • Temperature upto 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Advanced nano fine ceramic heating element
  • Silver coated dual cover to maintain the temperature of handle
  • 30 minutes of Auto shut off and on 
  • An extra 9 foot professional swivel cord
  • Digital temperature options range from 280 degree fahrenheit to 450 degree fahrenheit
  • Dual voltage capabilities
Turboion Rbb Croc classic straightener

This turboion classic croc straightener comes with a 1.5 inches ceramic lock heater which due to negative ions emission locks moisture in your hair. The turbooin flat iron has a temperature range upto 450 degrees fahrenheit so if you have coarse hairs then this temperature can deal with them. The flat iron prevents heat damage as it automatically reduce temperature to 370 degrees fahrenheit if not in use for some time. With  silver coated dual cover you can get the comfortable grip as it maintains the temperature of the handle. Moreover, the flat iron is much innovative with a sleek design that makes the body thick from the top and slim from the back. So, even feeble hands can easily use it. Because the ultra lightweight body the flat prevents cramping of your hands. And in the last not least the flat iron gives an elegant slide with amazing results

What I liked about this product

The consistent temperature is best for thicker or coarse hair which is difficult to straighten. Due to its light weight the turboin flat iron makes styling easy as it doesn’t weigh down your hand. 

The body is thinner at the base this advancement provides an excellent grip. Also you can comfortably use even if you have small hand as the base fits in your hand perfectly. Even with thick and coarse hair this flat iron offers graceful slide with maximum results. Due to its unique structure you don’t have to worry about burning your hand.

The Titanium plates doesn’t chip that makes them highly durable. The flat iron has Ceramic heating elements  that seals moisture within the cuticle. The turboion Rbb croc straightening iron is comprised of  ventilation system which releases excessive heat. This feature prevents the flat iron and your hair from from internal and physical damage.

The flat iron provides higher level of adaptability with the convenient 9 foot swivel cord for easy use. Built-in ceramic heaters enable instant heat recovery, providing consistent heat during use.

Major Concern

Because of its thick design it is not recommended for short hairs so if you have short hair then you have to find another design



The quality of the plate is undoubtedly the most important feature to take into consideration while buying a straightener for coarse the platinum plated straightener can be the best choice as they have high heat conduction. But the platinum flat irons are are usually expensive so along with the titanium plated straightener I have also mentioned some ceramic and tourmaline plated straightener with infused titanium which can amazingly give the same results as the expensive titanium plates

All the above-mentioned products are best for your coarse hair. Besides they have minimum heat up time so they are also time saving. I highly recommend all of them


Which is the Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair

Professional Choice

If you are a salon professional or want some salon quality straightener with high durability then I will highly recommend Babyliss pro, nano titanium ultra thin straightening iron which comes in 140 dollars. CHI pro G2 iron , 129 dollars and ISA Professional titanium flat iron with a price of 129 dollars is also a good choice and worth the money.

Standard Choice

BESTOPE Professional Ceramic 2 In 1 Flat Iron for Hair, 55.99 dollars

Izutech KTX 450 LT Pure Titanium Digital Flat Iron 103.36 dollars

CROC Classic Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1.5 Inch – Titanium Floating Plates, 69.99 dollars

Are those best quality straightener that comes in affordable price range with elegant features.


Economical Choice

 If you are running short of money to buy some high quality platinum product for your coarse hair then I highly recommend. Xtava infrared straightener with 34.99 dollars price and HSI professional glider, 36.99 dollars price. Both of these straightener are as efficient as some expensive platinum product.