Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

hot professional curling iron for thick hairs
Hot Professional Curling iron for thick hairs
Babyliss PRO Nano Spring Curling Iron
Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Waver

Having copious amounts of hair is a thing that everyone wants. If you have them then you know that styling that mane is not a wanted task. Styling your thick hair is a tedious task that can become much easier with the choice of efficient products. So, guys here I am with a list of the best curling irons that I have used for my thick hair. All of them worked well on my thick hair and style them elegantly. So, read out the list to find the best curling iron for your thick hair.

1. Hot Tools Professional 1102 [ Curling Iron For Thick hairs ]

hot professional curling iron for thick hairs


Barrel size: Hot tool professionals 1102 curling iron is equipped with an 11 inches long and 2 inches wide barrel. With this long barrel, you can take large strands of hair in one pass efficiently.

24 k gold plated barrels: Thick or coarse hairs are difficult to bend and they are mostly unmanageable through low heated tools. Hot tools professional 1102 curling iron is equipped with 24-carat gold plated barrel So, the styling surface is an unsurpassed heat conductor. The gold plated barrel guarantees you high and even heat supply, so you can crest smooth, bouncy and harm-free twists elegantly.

Textured handle: The handle of the curling iron determines its efficient use. Hot Tools professional 1102 has a specifically designed handle for easy grip. The soft grip textured handle adds to the efficient and comfortable styling.

Replacement spring: Spring is a paramount component of curling irons. If the spring of your curling iron is damaged then styling is nothing more than a disgruntled experience. Hot tools professional 1102 curling iron has added an extra spring as a replacement. Whenever any mishap happens with your previous spring you can easily replace it with the new one and continue your styling.

Powerful spring clamps: Hot tools 1102 professional has a powerful spring clamp. Spring clamps are the most attractive thing about the curling iron. You can get a comfortable styling as the clamp gives you a perfect grip on the hair.

Heavy-duty long-life heating element: Because of the heavy-duty long-time heating element hot professional 1102 curling iron is highly durable. Sometimes curling iron may get really hot so the heating element prevents the barrel and your hair from any heat damage.

Foldaway safety stand: Well during curling, you may take breaks but here comes a problem that where to keep that curling iron as it is hot so it may damage the texture of the surface you put it on. With the foldaway safety stand feature, you can easily place the curling iron on it while mid styling breaks. 

Extra-long cool tip: Well you need to be extra cautious while using a barrel that is hot up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit as it may burn your hand. Hot tools professional has a cool tip that is extra-long which prevents burning of your hands. Now, you can get a burn freestyling.

Pulse technology: With the proprietary pulse technology the curling iron becomes hot and stays hot too. Whenever there is a momentary drop in temperature the smart tool senses the temperature and it immediately optimizes it. So, your curling iron stays hot for consistent styling.

 Multiple Heat settings: With multi heat settings you can get the flexibility to style your hair according to your hair needs. There are 10 precise heat settings so, you have full control of the heat with a rheostat dial. For damaged and sensitive hair, experts recommend styling at low temperatures. But for thick and coarse hair, experts recommend higher settings. 

Maximum temperature: Thick and coarse hair demands high temperature to curl. Well, Hot tools professional curling iron has a temperature that reaches up to 430 degrees. Well, I recommend that if the low-temperature settings work well on your hair then don’t opt for the higher ones. 

Rheostat control options: The curling iron has built-in rheostat control. The rheostat control remembers your previous settings so you don’t have to set the temperature settings every time you use the curling iron.

Separate on/off switch button: A separate on-off button adds to your convenience.

30 seconds Heat up time: The curling iron takes a short time to heat up. With the 30 second heat up time, it saves much of the annoying waiting time.

8-foot long tangle-free cord: The curling iron comes with an 8-foot long heavy-duty cord. This cord provides you with the flexibility to move around the room while curling. The cord is also swiveled which makes it tangle-free.

Best suited hair type: Multiple heat settings recommend that this curling iron is suitable for all hair types and textures. But I highly recommend it, if you have thick or coarse hair as it has high heat conduction and a maximum temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit- that is ideal for thick or coarse hair.

Best suited hair length: The rod is 11 inches long and 2 inches wide which makes it ideal for long hair. The hair got curled up in the first attempt and you are not gonna have any need to curl them again.

Best suited hairstyle: The Hot tools professional 1102 curling iron can create all the curls from beachy waves and romantic curls to glamorous loops. But the voluminous curls it forms are exceptional

The hot tools professional 1102 24k gold plated curling iron is ideal for thick hair. The thing that thick hair demands for quick styling are a larger barrel and this curling iron has 11/2 inches large barrel that can take a larger section of your hair and provide quick styling. With an ideal temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit, the curling iron can easily tame that mane. As pulse technology gives you consistent and even heat supply. And also there are 10 precise temperature settings that you can fully control with the help of rheostat dial. Well, there are many features in this product that make it the best choice for your thick hair and I have already mentioned them above.


  • 11/2 inches barrel for fast and even heat conduction.
  • 10 precise heat settings with a rheostat dial.
  • Soft gripped textured handle
  • Replacement springs.
  • 30-second heat uptime
  • Foldaway safety stands for mid styling breaks.
  • 8-foot extra long tangle-free cord for better mobility.


  • One year warranty is very limited and does not provide enough safeguards.
  • Auto shut off feature is absent
  • Dual voltage is absent

Final verdict
Well, the hot tool professional 1102 is highly efficient at styling thick hair and it has maximum features to style your thick hair. Curlling iron is highly affordable in 30 dollars range. So based on these features, I highly recommend hot tools professional 1102 curling iron.

2. T3 - SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Professional Curling Iron

T3 - SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Professional Curling Iron |


Barrel size: The T3 – single pass curling iron is equipped with a 1.5 inches wide barrel that provides excellent results for all hair types, especially the thick one. More hair is curled in a single pass, and styling is much less time-consuming.

Barrel material: T3 single pass curling iron has a custom blend ceramic tourmaline barrel. Ceramic provides even heat distribution; thus it gives faster and uniform styling. The tourmaline blends with the ceramic and locks the moisture within the hair. The custom blend of ceramic and tourmaline emits negative ions that seal the cuticle. So, the barrel provides smooth and efficient styling.

Single-pass technology: The T3- Single-pass professional curling iron is composed of internal microchips that continually checks and maintain the temperature all across the barrel. With this, you can get even and uniform heat results. Whenever the temperature goes above or below the specified limit, then it is immediately regulated by this technology. Single-pass technology also saves your hair from being exposed to unnecessary heat.

Lightweight design: T3-single pass curling iron has a lightweight design that makes it comfortable for long time use. And you don’t get cramps or fatigue while curling your thick hair as it takes a longer time than with the thin hair.

Smart twist dial: With the smart twist dial you can comfortably on and off the curling iron and it is also comfortable in regulating the temperature. You can swiftly set the temperature required by your hair.

Auto worldwide voltage: T3 -single pass curling iron has a worldwide dual voltage that makes it feasible for use in other countries. So, you don’t need to buy a voltage adapter while traveling, but you still need a plug adapter.

Heat setting: T3 single pass curling iron has five adjustable heat settings options. The temperature ranges from 260 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. That gives you the versatility to style your hair. For delicate and fine hair, you should set for the lower temperature of 260 degrees Fahrenheit and for thicker or coarse hair, you can go up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

Auto shut off: The curling iron has a 1-hour auto shut off. Now you are not going to have mid-meeting thoughts about whether you have turned off the curling iron while leaving or not. The auto shut off provides extra safety and prevents any mishap.

Cool tip: The curling iron has a cool tip that gives burn free curling. With the wider cool tip, you can easily adjust your hair without burning your fingers. Although it reduces the styling surface, it is safe to use.

Safety stand: Styling thick hair is a tiresome task, and you are gonna need styling breaks. But one issue is where are you going to keep the curling iron as this hot barrel can easily damage the surface on which it is kept on. So for this issue, they have added a safety stand for curler’s easy storage during a mid-style break.

9-foot long cord: The curling iron comes with a 9 foot long heavy-duty cord that gives greater mobility. Also, you can plug the wire in some awkward places and get a comfortable drying. The wire is 360-degree swivel so you can have a comfortable styling without a tangled cord.

Suitability: Due to its varied temperature settings, it is suitable for all hair types and textures as it can give the precise temperature required. The barrel is specially designed for thick and coarse hair.

Technical support: There is a two-year limited warranty with this product along with 30 days money-back guarantee.

The T3 single pass 1.25 inches can be a good choice for your thick hair. The curling iron is powered by a single pass technology, which provides consistent and even heat distribution. And also, a 1.25 wide barrel can take more strands in one pass, cutting down the styling time that is the thing that thick-haired people often crave in a curling iron. There is a safety stand with which you can easily take mid styling breaks as it provides easy storage. The curling iron has custom blends ceramic plates that seal the cuticle and locks in the moisture within the hair; thus, it gives a smooth, frizz-free and efficient styling. With the multiple heat options, curling iron is suitable for all types and textures of hair. The twist dial provides efficient regulation of temperature, and it also prevents accidental pushes.


  • Lightweight design for easy use.
  • Cool tip to prevent hand burning during styling.
  • Advanced technology provides consistent and even heat.
  • Single-pass technology to check and maintain the temperature of the barrel.
  • A wide and long barrel for fast curling.
  • Five precise heat settings for versatile styling.
  • Smart twist dial for comfortable temperature regulation and on and off switching.
  • Auto shut off feature for extra safety.
  • It has a dual worldwide voltage for travel convenience.
  • Safety stand that provides easy storage for mid styling breaks.
  • There is a 9-foot extra long tangle-free cord that provides greater mobility.


  • It’s easy to change the heat as you’re twirling the curler accidentally.
  • There are reviews that curls don’t stay long, and they got limp.

Final verdict
If you have thick hair and you are looking for a curling iron that is innovative, efficient as well as in budget, then T3 single pass curling iron can be the right option for you. It has a traditional body and an affordable price, and still, it doesn’t lack extra and advance features like single pass technology, smart twist dial, and many more.

3. Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron


Ergonomic and sleek design: The Babyliss pro nano titanium has a sleek and elegant body. The handle is ergonomically designed for a better grip. Design is somewhat traditional with a spark of innovation. This traditional design is easy to use for a beginner as it has spring curls. 

Lightweight: As we know that thick hairs take too much time in styling, so you may get cramps while styling that mane and holding your curling iron. Babyliss pro nano titanium spring curling iron is then ideal for your thick hair with an ultra-lightweight of 13 ounces. 

Nano titanium technology: the Babyliss PRO makes use of the most advanced nano titanium technology for styling. Titanium is an exceptional conductor of heat thus, it provides maximum heat for styling. Titanium provides smooth and even heat distribution emits negative ions that seal the cuticle and also locks in the moisture of the hair thus giving them a shiny look and frizz-free look.

Far infrared heat: The nano titanium technology is supposed to give far-infrared heat. The infrared heat penetrates directly into the hair shaft without causing any damage to the outer part. Also, because of the fast styling, the heat exposure time is cut down.

Sol-gel technology: The titanium barrels of Babyliss PRO spring curling iron is also coated with the sol-gel technology. Sol-gel technology minimizes the damage that an ultra heated barrel can cause to your hair. You can get smooth styling even at high temperatures without frying your hair. As it generates is a well-controlled level of heat efficiently and quickly; thus gives a faster drying. Sol-Gel technology makes the iron barrels 37% stronger and 22% smoother than those of standard flat irons.

Turbo heat boost button: The turbo heat boost button, that instantly boosts the temperature to the highest settings.

Barrel material: The barrel is a blend of ceramic and titanium. It provides, even and efficient heat conduction, and elegant styling. The sol-gel technology with its extra protective layer adds a cherry on the top.

Barrel size: Curling iron comes in four-barrel widths. If you have thick and long hair then the expert recommends the barrel width of 2 inches as it will take maximum hair at one pass. The 12-inch length is ideal for you if you have long hair.

High durable plates: As the plates are of titanium it gives them high durability and anti-corrosion features.

50 heat settings: One amazing feature of Babyliss pro nano titanium curling iron is that it boosts up to 50 heat settings. Well, this is a plus point for you even if you have coarse or fragile hair. As greater temperature settings provide you with the versatility to style. Now you can create curls with different heat settings and get the maximum out of Babyliss pro curling iron. 

Temperature ranges: The temperature ranges from as low as 210 degrees Fahrenheit (which is best for fragile or fine hair) to the highest temperature of 430-degree Fahrenheit ( ideal for coarse and thick hair).

  30-second heat-up time: Babyliss pro nano titanium curling iron has a superheat up time of 30 seconds. So get rid of that annoying wait that you do until your curling iron heats up to the required temperature.

9-foot extra long cord: There is a 9 foot long extra long cord. The cord is 360-degree swivel that makes it tangle-free.

Warranty: There is a one-year limited warranty with this product. Which is a bit less than its competitors.

The Babyliss pro nano titanium spring curling iron is equipped with all the features that you need in the curling iron for your thick hair. With the nano titanium technology, you can get even and efficient heat conduction. The 12/2 inches barrel minimizes your styling time as more strands of hair are taken at once. As thick hairs are mostly coarse, so with sol-gel technology you can even style them at higher temperatures without damaging. In addition to the fast and elegant styling, the curling iron also locks the moisture within your hair and thus retains the natural shine of your hair. And also a 50 heat setting gives you the flexibility to style your hair according to your hair demands. Well, the product is also highly affordable and you can get salon-style curls at home.



  • Lightweight design for easy handling.
  • The sol-gel technology locks the moisture and provides extra heat protection.
  • Nano Titanium technology gives fast and efficient styling.
  • Barrel plates are highly durable and anti-corrosion due to the titanium infusion.
  • A 9-foot long cord for extra mobility.
  • 11 /2 inches barrel for maximum results.
  • 50 heat settings for customized styling.
  • Turbo heat button that instantly boosts the temperature.
  • 30-second heat-up time for fast styling.


  • Using high heat can cause excessive damage.
  • The dual voltage feature is not present.
  • The disproportionately small and hot tip makes it difficult to hold it without burning.
  • No digital screen on the curler
  • No auto shut off feature.

Final verdict
The Babyliss pro nano titanium may look like a traditional curling iron, but it is equipped with highly advanced features. Babyliss PRO gives smooth, versatile, salon styled curls at home. Well, I have some concerns as the curling iron lacks dual voltage and auto shut off feature as well but it’s highly affordable price covers all these deficiencies.

4. Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Waver



Unique design: The bed head a- wave- we- go adjustable waver comes with a four-barrel adjustment that has an elegant and cool design. With it’s a unique and compact body you can easily pack it and take it anywhere you want.

Ceramic tourmaline technology: The barrel is infused with ceramic and tourmaline and it glides smoothly through your hair without any pulling or tugging. The ceramic provides fast and even heat distribution. Ceramic also heats up super quick, thus playing a role in fast curling. Tourmaline emits negative ions that smoothen the damaged hair. Tourmaline also seals moisture and removes frizz, thus giving you a shiny and smooth looking hair.

Adjustable barrels: The bed head-a-wave-we-go adjustable waver has the adjustable barrels so that you can easily get the waves you desire. Let it be tousled or defined. There are foul adjustable barrels that are much easier to set.

Easy to use design: Just start from the roots and then lightly clamp the small sections of your hair slowly into the barrel and hold them for a few seconds. If you want the continuous waves, make the outermost waves and just work it down your hair. 

Maximum temperature: The bed head a- wave- we- go adjustable waver has the highest temperature of 400-degree Fahrenheit. 450 degrees Fahrenheit is the expert-recommended temperature for thick or coarse hair. Also, there are fewer chances of damage at this temperature.

Heat setting: The curling iron has 6 varied and precise temperature settings. This is much more than an ordinary curling iron. with these settings you can expose your hair to the heat that is favorable to them and get the perfect curls.

Cord: Although the 6-foot cord length is much less than what the competitors offer, still it is way more than comfortable as it doesn’t get tangled and it’s just the size you needed.

Ultralight Weight: With the first look you may think that it may be heavy but the case is the opposite. The bedhead a- wave- we- go adjustable waver even with the different barrels attached is so light weighted.

Auto shut off: Auto shut off is a common feature that is present in most curling irons. The bedhead a- wave- we- go adjustable waver will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Dual voltage: With the dual voltage you can use the curling iron worldwide without the need for the voltage adapter. 

Heat recovery system: With an instant heat recovery system it heats up to your desired temperature in no time, so you can say it saves much of your time. 

Suitability: With different barrel choices and varied heat setting the bed head a wave we go is suitable for all hair types.

Warranty: There is a three-year limited warranty with bed head a- wave- we- go adjustable waver.

Styling Guide: The package also comes with a styling guide. This gives you the detailed function of each barrel as well a how to create an exciting look with bed head a- wave- we- go adjustable waver. This style guide, in short, tells you about all the ways through which you can turn your monotonous day routines into something exciting

If you have thick hair and you’re looking for a curling iron that provides maximum styling results in the minimum time then bed head a- wave- we- go adjustable waver can be your best choice. The curling iron has four-barrel attachments the barrels that are easy to set. So, whatever hair you want, you just have to set the barrel and go for it, you can also create different looking curls in a single hairstyle. The highest temperature of 400-degree Fahrenheit is what experts say is a safely high temperature for your thick hair. With the 6 precise heat settings, you can expose your hair to the exact type of heat you want and the instant heat recovery system quickly heats up the barrel for the required temperature. Well, in addition, the curling iron is also equipped with the editor features of dual voltage, auto shut off, 6-foot long cord and styling guide which adds the cherry on the top.


  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology gives your hair shiny and frizzy results.
  • With the dial, you can adjust the barrel to the exact kind of curl you want to attain
  • 6 precise temperature settings for better heat controls.
  • 4 adjustable barrels to set the waves you want
  • Instant heat recovery for quick and efficient results.
  • Auto turns off feature prevents any mishaps.
  • Dual voltage for travel convenience.
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to handle.
  • 6-foot long swivel cord for easy styling.
  • This curling iron provides you with perfect styling.


  • Although lightweight still it is a bit large and clunky that hinders its performance.
  • The settings are a bit confused as the setting of the wave depth and the set dial is just a guessing game.
  • The heavy size may cause cramps.

Final verdict
The bedhead a-wave-we-go adjustable waver has a unique and elegant look. All the barrels you want are attached to it, so no need for removing and setting, you can just adjust the barrel to your choice and go with your styling. So, all in all, it is a good and affordable choice for your thick hair.